Professional Development and Consulting

Headed2 (H2) provides both remote and onsite professional development and consulting to support local implementation of regional career PD2pathways and career planning initiatives. Consulting services are also offered to provide needed customization to meet local needs.

Remote Training

Remote two hour training sessions customized for the local audience are provided as a quick and affordable option to get started with the H2 platform and new program modules

Kickoff Meetings

Community wide ½ day kickoff meetings help to create awareness of career pathways and the regional economy  while introducing the H2 platform. These meetings help participants to begin using a common language of careers in support of regional workforce and economic development efforts. Typically, kickoff meeting participants include all stakeholders from business, education, workforce and government such as executive administrators, building administrators, human resources professionals and counselors, instructors and parents.

Career Content Academies

“Career Content Academies”, a minimum 3-day session, involve immersing participants into the student and job seeker work of career development in self-exploration, career exploration and career pathways planning. This professional development includes implementation support for transition planning, individual learning plans, career portfolios and career curriculum integration. Most educator career paths result in going to school, going to college and going to school to work. This path prevents educators from acquiring knowledge of the traditional workplace.  Career content academies help educators fill the workplace knowledge gap by helping them develop the language of careers and classroom implementation strategies while helping participants outside of education to develop an understanding of the education workplace and academic language. This collaborative approach strengthens common language and partnership development. Typically, career content academy participants include human resource professionals, workforce and education career counselors and instructors. The former helps support a deep implementation of career pathways into daily instructional practice while building community partnerships in support of regional career pathways and economic growth.


H2 provides local consulting services to accommodate local branding and platform customization to meet local needs.